Tricks, Treats, and Time Together: How to Entertain Your Dog!

Dogs: Man's BFF. They're four-legged faithful bundles of fluff 'n' love that can be, well, kinda demanding. Dogs are like Millennials, minus the Snapchat filters and smashed avocado; they need constant attention, stimulation, and praise to keep them happy and healthy.

But there's no need to get your tail in a twist! Dog games and interactive play are two easy ways to give your dog the attention he needs - and deserves! They're also the best ways to keep your dog entertained both mentally and physically and help you guys bond.

Surely walkies is enough?

While daily walks will help keep your dog fit, playtime is crucial too. And by playtime, we mean real interaction (Put your phone away!), interesting games with challenging dog toys (Because "fetch" is so last season), and burning off some energy (Get wild! Goof off!).

But I'm short on time... and ideas!

Don't stress! You just need to stock up on some awesome toys and schedule in a couple of short play sessions each day. There are literally dozens of different brain games for dogs that can improve your pet's mental agility and give him the smarts. There are even games for dogs to play when they're home alone while you're out at work; just check out our line of self play dog toys.

What if my dog has zero motivation?

If your pooch is ruled by his stomach (aren't they all?) then try out some dog food games. This rubber treat ball is ideal (just go easy on the tidbits). And if you both need whipping into shape, you can even try a fun workout with your dog, since Doga is now officially A Thing. That's Dog Yoga, in case you were wondering.

Sound like something you could get on board with? Trust us, exercise and entertainment are rewarding for you and your pooch.
And if you want to work on your dog's mental agility... well, you'll just have to stop by to read our next post!

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