Top 3 DIY Mind Games and Mental Exercises for Dogs

When you're sitting watching your dog gleefully chase his tail in circles, it's easy to think he's not the brightest hound in the pound. You could *actually* be forgiven for thinking he has fewer functioning brain cells than beef jerky.

But in reality, dogs are pretty smart. Granted, some breeds are smarter than others. But your dog's intelligence means you need to engage him in play to keep him happy and prevent him from becoming bored. And it has to be challenging, stimulating play that'll do him a bamboozle and get his brain cogs turning.

Luckily for you and your *fren* our store is heccin crammed with brain toys for dogs who could use a little mental workout. See below!

Find the Food

This rubber treat ball is designed to be filled with kibble for your dog to extract. It's a simple concept but one of the best toys for smart dogs. OK so it'll do him a confuse at first, but he'll get hours of fun plus a reward at the end - and you'll get one big fat LOL watching him.

Hide and Seek

Prefer more interactive dog toys? How 'bout this rope knot - it can easily be incorporated into mind games for dogs who like their hoomin to join in. Try playing hide and seek around the house or yard; hide the toy someplace secret and challenge doggo to uncover it. He'll have to use his nose and his brainpower. When he succeeds, pet him and give him a snack!

What's in a Name?

Get your buddy one of these cutesy squeaky plushies and give it a name - something short that he can easily remember. After a little practice (always followed by praise) your dog will learn Plushy's name. Repeat this with your dog's other toys, and then you can move onto the memory game, asking your dog to fetch each toy by name. It's like brain training for dogs. Such amaze! So skills! Wow!

Next in our dog entertainment blog series is how toys can help with obedience training. So you better hit the
store ASAP and stock up.

Tried any of the games on our list? Well don't do us a suspense - we wanna see your dog's concentration face! Share your photos with us on

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