How to Get Fit With Your Dog the Fun Way!

Maintaining your dog's optimal weight and health can be a struggle. It can be hard to resist sneaking a couple of extra tidbits under the dinner table when confronted with those puppy dog eyes. And if you're the owner of a slothful, food-obsessed doggo (English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds - we're looking at you) the struggle reaches seismic proportions.

But there are a trillion ways to exercise your dog and make it feel like less of a grueling workout and more like entertainment. With a little imagination and a stack of toys from our store, you can invent fun dog games as you workout with your dog.  So you'll both get fit and lean while beating boredom and obesity. Winners all round!

But how much exercise does a dog need? Well, that depends on your dog's breed, age, weight, and general health. Between 30 minutes and 2 hours per day is about right. Start off slowly and remember to warm-up and cool-down, just as you would in the human gym! Walking to and from the park is the way to do this, with the high-speed, tongue-lolling, ear-flapping, *ERMAHGERD a ball!!* game of fetch in between serving as the workout itself.

For the more dignified among you, there's always Doga. It's basically yoga but with dogs. And it's what all the hip young things are doing now that they've milked the Goat Yoga craze for all it's worth (LOL). It's a serene, soul-soothing way to exercise with your dog using traditional Hatha postures (and naturally, the Downward Dog Pose).

So step away from the Lycra and the doggy treadmill! Just head to the dog park with your buddy in tow and you can both get fit while having fun!

We know you're itching to share your Doga selfies with us... so come get

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