Dog Training 101: How to Train a Dog with Toys

There are two words which strike fear into many a dog owner. No, not "leg humping". We're talking about Behavior Training.
Ugh. The struggle is real. It can be hard to know where to start as there are soooo many different dog training techniques. And all dogs are different. Some are Good Boys, eager to please their hoomin. Some are Smart Puppers, with eyes on the prize and out to do you a mischief. And some... well, some deserve to be dog shamed, quite honestly.

But you know those toys you got stashed under the coffee table? Each one can be your secret weapon in the Battle Against Borking and Bad Behavior. Don't believe us fren? Heccin take a look at our dog training tips below!

#1 Rule: Make Training Fun, Fun, Fun
Doggo says this is the most important of all "teh rulez". Emphasizing the fun factor will encourage him to work harder - without even realizing. Keep sessions brief and don't let them become a chore, otherwise, your dog training will be one epic facepalm-worthy fail.
But Where to Begin??
Easy - find a toy that your dog genuinely goes nuts for. Doesn't matter if it's a ball, a squeaky chicken, or those rolled-up socks he found under your bed; so long as he loves it, he'll be willing to work with it. Beloved toys are a great tool when you're learning how to teach a dog to sit, come, or fetch.
Remember Hoomin: You Have to Work Too!
Doggo does not want to train with a half-interested human. He needs you to be engaging, animated, and interested. Praise him, like, loads and he'll be super-motivated. This wiggly rope toy is ideal for dog obedience training as it incites playfulness. Be sure to say "yes" each time your dog nails an action, then present him with the toy as a reward!
All this training will boost your dog's fitness (and maybe your own too) which, coincidentally, is the topic of our next post!
Do you have a favorite dog training method? Share your success stories with us on social!

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