How to Exercise Your Cat to Keep Him Healthy and Happy

OK, hands up - who spoils their cat with sneaky treats but doesn't encourage physical activity? It's a common scenario among indulgent cat slaves. Before you know it, you're in denial and "He's not fat, he's fluffy!" has become your mantra.

But too many tidbits + a lazy lifestyle = one fat cat. And that weight gain can lead to a sick and miserable kitty. While you should always consult your veterinarian for dietary advice, cranking up your cat's exercise time will ensure he stays healthy and happy.  

So do Fluffykins a favor and read below! You'll learn how to exercise your cat the fun way
before he gets fat. And if he's already on the slippery slope to super-sized thighs, then you can brush up on how to help your cat lose weight. We are too good to you.

Preventing the Problem

Obviously, keeping your cat healthy and trim is easier if you monitor his diet and activity levels. But how to play with a cat who is less than enthusiastic about sacrificing naptime? Try a couple of cat exercise toys to keep him in peak condition;
this classic will have kitty pouncing and bouncing all over the joint.

Entertaining Exercise

Cat exercise equipment needn't be complex or costly. There's no need to freak out and go buy a cat treadmill and four little sweatbands. The best cat toys for exercise are ones which stimulate kitty's mind and offer physical challenges. And if the game involves The Human, that's even better!

Shedding Pounds Through Play

For owners of portly pussycats - you know, the ones who try to convince you they
are in shape because "round" is a shape - focusing on cat exercise becomes imperative. If your cat needs to lose weight, offer toys that will make him chase, climb, and leap about! A laserbeam toy should do the trick - no cat can resist the lure of the laser. They're classic cat toys for indoor cats, and this one has a neat twist that Fluffy will love.

All this exercise and play will have a positive effect on your relationship with your cat too. Which, oddly enough, is the topic of the next article. Wowsers.

Now, we're
so not into pet-shaming (maybe just a little) but if your cat's gone from slob to slinky, we wanna see the photos! Share 'em on our social pages!

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