Help! My Cat Seems Bored! Well, Here's How to Keep Cats Entertained

Since they're such stubbornly independent creatures who don't-need-nobody-thank-you... do cats get bored? Do they secretly wish that The Human would break out the catnip and let things get a little crazy? Sure they do!

Your cat may spend a lot of time lounging around, but that doesn't mean he's disinterested in play. Without entertainment and stimulation, he'll start to feel stressed and depressed. 

So while all those Bored Cat memes may be amusing, having a fatigued feline at home, well, not so much. We're certain that at some point you've wondered - is my cat bored? But cat enrichment goes far beyond a scratch post and a few catnip mice. So we're here to advise you on how to keep cats entertained and show you the best toys for bored cats you can buy from our online store.

If Kitty is Home Alone

Work odd shifts? Kitty riding solo all day or night? Self play cat toys are great because they allow your pet to occupy himself while you're out. The best toys for cats home alone are things like this tunnel as kitty can play to his heart's content then snooze in it when it starts to seem too much like exercise.

If Kitty is Indoors

Do indoor cats get bored? Well, cats are natural born predators and love to spend time out in the Big Wide World - though it's not always possible. So aside from letting Tigger sit in the window making pointless threats to the birds, you'll need to know how to keep an indoor cat happy. This butterfly cat toy replicates the predator-prey scenario for a mental and physical challenge that'll keep kitty on his toes.

If Kitty is a Singleton

Lots of human attention is essential for your lone cat's emotional wellbeing. So be kitty's BFF and get involved in playtime! We have literally the best interactive cat toys right here, like these laser-tastic cat boredom busters. You can't deny they're super stimulating cat toys that will give you both the happy feels!

After you're done playing, be sure to check in with us for the next article in this series!

And then... make your cat a social media star by sharing your photos of him or her playing with a toy from our collection!

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