Feline Forlorn? Here's How to Make Your Cat Happy!

Cats have a rep for being aloof creatures; haughty, independent, and intolerable of your craving for physical and emotional closeness. But sometimes, these little lone-wolf-wannabes actually want affection and attention. They become *whisper it* needy. But why? And what can you - the responsible, doting pet parent - do to help?? Well, inquisitive cat slave, this series of articles is all about how to keep cats entertained. You're welcome!
So after the shock revelation that Cats Actually Have Emotions, we feel it's the prime time to tell you:
- How to help a depressed cat
- How to play with your cat to keep him healthy and stimulated, and
- The signs of a happy cat
We know what you're thinking...
Can cats get depressed?? Absolutely. If they're stuck home alone all day or aren't given enough attention, then boredom gives rise to the blues. Before you know it, you've got a full-on "grumpy" cat on your hands. So if you're wondering do cats get lonely or feel downhearted, then yes. Yes they do.
Holy catnip! How do I make Mittens less miserable??
There are a trillion fun things to do with your cat. And none of them involve the dress-up box and an Instagram account. OK, some. Some might. Generally, the best cat toys for bored cats are the simplest: things they can swipe, chase, attack, knock off of tables. You could buy a bunch of toys from our store and make up predator-vs-prey games to play with your cat. You know, challenging games to get him engaging that butt-wiggle and doing zoomies down the hallway.
All this fun stuff serves a myriad of purposes too. The extra workout keeps your cat physically trim and healthy. The mental stimulation prevents boredom, unhappiness, and anxiety. And *clincher* it helps you form a strong bond with your furry-purry friend.
Sounds paw-some *groan* but how do I know if it's working?
You'll know when kitty is contented if he gets all vocal on you, acts more playful, looks relaxed, self-grooms plenty, and has as good an appetite as Garfield. All that attention and that mountain of cat entertainment toys will do wonders for Mittens' mood! Just remember to keep it up!
OK, so we've teased you with a tidbit of knowledge - a bit like one of those laserbeam toys teases your kitty.
But don't sweat! We have more advice and inspo coming for you; just check-in for the next article in the series. Oh, and go share your cat entertainment ideas with us on social!

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