4 Cat-Human Bonding Tips: How to Get a Cat to Like You

It's pretty much an established fact that cats are cool characters. They like to be independent and don't take kindly to an overabundance of affection. Of course, there are exceptions to the cat human bond rule - maybe your kitty loves to cuddle? But on the whole, cats view their human slaves with a level of haughty disdain designed to Shut. You. Down.

But there is a way to make Lord Alfred Whiskerton love you! Bonding with your cat can be easy; it's all down to attention and play. So don't be saddened by your standoffish cat! Read on to find out how to bond with your cat and you'll soon have him eating from the palm of your hand...

Follow the Kitty Code of Conduct

Cats and humans bond on the cat's terms. Give your cat space and above all, be patient. Don't try to force things or he'll become stressed, exhibit unwanted aggressive behavior, and won't ever learn to trust you. And nobody wants to feel the Kitty Death Stare

Consistency is Key

Be sure to schedule in around 15 minutes of playtime at least twice a day. This may not sound like a lot, but it will do wonders for your cat's emotional wellbeing and it's our top tip on how to befriend a cat. Basically, Lord Whiskerton will know that when he's in the mood for zoomies and playing Stealth Kitty - you've got his back. *Paw bump!*

Let the Games Begin!

There are soooo many different games to play with your cat! Break out the mouse in a ball toy and play literal cat-and-mouse pursuit. Or grab a couple of these fin-tastic catnip fish and flap 'em around like prey to pique kitty's curiosity. Want to know how to make a cat like you? Always let him win when he goes in for the kill (to show him you still know your place as a lowly human)

Give Positive Praise

Whether he was down with playtime or stay-away-time, give him the praise that a Cat God deserves. Tell him he's beautiful and a great hunter! Like he doesn't know that already...

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